About Us

Adelaide Tarp Specialists P/L was first established in 1979 by Tony Pavlovich, who has remained associated with the transport industry and the manufacturing of tarpaulins and specialised load covering systems since 1968 to the present.

Tony has always been an innovator and one of the mainstays of the tarpaulin manufacturing industry in South Australia for over 40 years having been responsible for the training of a great many of employees in the industry today.

Adelaide Tarp Specialists Pty. Ltd. has grown to become the most innovative and flexible load covering manufacturer in South Australia producing, excellent quality innovative product at very competitive pricing

In the late 90’s, laws for tipper operator/drivers became an issue with the need for the fitting of ground operated tarpaulin to vehicles becoming a priority to cover RTA requirements initially, but the more important issue of Occupational Health Safety and Welfare in relation to operator safety, and limitation of safe operating heights has now become the focus with significant penalties for operators who do not comply.

Adelaide Tarp Specialists P/L took this news in its stride, and Tony’s eldest son Mark (who is a qualified Welder/Metal Fabricator) came on board to help develop the business’ own metal fabrication/welding department. This was done to create time saving for companies that were required to meet deadlines while tarp systems were being fitted to their trailers, as well as allow for further research and development of specialised covering systems for a broader range of bulk carrying equipment.

Over the coming years, Adelaide Tarp Specialists P/L developed the Roll-A-Way and the Winch-A-Way tarp systems. Both are fully ground operated and waterproof. These systems not only met strict Safety Guidelines, but increased drivers productivity by increasing loads per day by nearly 25% compared to the old tipper tarps that were manually handled.

Changes were made, and for those not requiring a waterproof system, the Side Cable Winch-A-Way was created for those who needed fast operating systems without having to worry about ropes and rubber rings. Still maintaining the quality and style of the waterproof system, the Side Cable system became one of Adelaide Tarp Specialists P/L most popular load covering alternatives.

In 2005, Tony’s youngest Son Wade (General Manager) returned to the family business after becoming a Signwriter for 7 years and created Adelaide Sign Tech, a sign design company that enables customers to see signage on their Sliding Curtains, Tippers, Trailers, Vehicles etc. and have it all manufactured in one location, further saving time & costs. Wade’s previous knowledge of the Tarp Industry worked hand in hand with Mark’s knowledge of Steel and brought it all together.

In 2008, Adelaide Tarp Specialists P/L relocated into a larger premises at 662 Port Wakefield Road, Green Fields. This move has not only proved to be beneficial for the company, but also for customer’s convenience with very easy access.

Family Owned and Operated, Adelaide Tarp Specialists P/L will provide you with advice on the type of tarp you may require. From Tippers to Sliding Curtains, Boats to Trailers, even household Outdoor Blinds, the friendly staff will try and keep the weather out of just about anything.

Contact us now, and let us help you get covered.

  • Expert advice on design
  • High frequency welding of colour and clear PVCs for all applications
  • Hot air welding for small work such as repairs on tarps and other PVC goods
  • Hot wedge welding of polyethylene fabrics
  • Double seams and hemming of shade cloths and canvas fabrics on industrial sewing machines
  • Steel and aluminium fabrication for Frames, Tippers, Trailers etc.
  • Installation of ground operated tarping systems for bulk tippers and trailers
  • Supply of load restraint equipment
  • Supply of polytarps, swags, safety signs and safety flags
  • Supply of quality second-hand tarps
  • Manufacturer of Tolai All Purpose Back Supports